International Jury

An international jury of experts will assess the projects entered in two rounds: first in the online selection process and, as a next step, in the original.

The jury for 2018:

Susanne Breitfeld
Communication Designer, Mainz/Germany

Markéta Cole
Graphic Designer, Prague/Czech Republic

Peter Diamond
Illustrator, Vienna/Austria & Canada

Bärbel Fritz
Communication Designer, Zurich/Switzerland

Francesco E. Guida
Communication Designer & Professor, Milan/Italy

Christina John
Communication Designer, Munich/Germany

Boris Kochan
Communication Designer, Munich/Germany

Torsten Meyer-Bogya
Communication Designer, Kiel/Germany

Erich Monitzer
Typographer, Vienna/Austria

Olaf Mühlmann
Graphic Designer, Paris/France

Daniela Olejníková
Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Bratislava/Slovakia

Hugo Puttaert
Graphic Designer, Brussels/Belgium

Jesper von Wieding
Strategic Creative Director, Copenhagen/Denmark

Members of the jury are excluded from participation in the competition. There will be no correspondence on the jury or its decisions.


In each category, a Joseph Binder Award in gold, silver, and bronze will be awarded in the form of trophies: the ball of crumpled paper encased in glass is a symbol for the creative process.

In order to support independent, conceptual, scientific, and non-commercial activities in the fields of graphic design and illustration, cash prizes will be awarded in the Design Fiction category in addition to the trophies:

First prize: 2,500 euros
Second prize: 2,000 euros
Third prize: 1,500 euros

Additionally, the jury may choose up to five Merit Awards per category. Furthermore, the international ico-D Excellence Award will honour a project displaying outstanding design merits.

All of the entries selected by the jury will be published in a catalogue. The jury may withhold or reallocate awards and money prizes. All entrants will be notified of the results after both jury processes (May and June 2018).

Award Ceremony, Catalogue, and Exhibition

The winners will be publicly disclosed on 8 November 2018 within the framework of a festive presentation of the selected and prize-winning entries, to be held in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier. On the occasion of the award ceremony, a catalogue will appear containing all of the selected and prize-winning entries and introducing the members of the jury. Furthermore, the awarded projects will be presented for a period of several weeks in an exhibition at designforum Wien and afterwards as touring exhibition in several European cities.